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      As a small child you might say that I lived under a rock, a very large and solitary rock. I did not play video games, watch cable T.V. or even go to the movies. I did not know that there was wrestling on television, nor did I know anything about sports as they are. I knew little, very little, about anything and everything.All I had was two acres of land to play on, a pair of dogs, and a tire swing. Then a kind face changed all of that and turned my world upside down and shook it. For better or worse.

we hide our faces
until golden brother
leaves to find silver sister
then we lurk out to see
silver crescent sister
and all her bright twinkling friends
the forsaken spots
the forbidden pools
the forgotten buildings
become our playground
scaling crumbling walls
exploring overgrown gardens
the cool air
the solitary silence
the twinkling shining friends
of the silver sister
till the bright brother
comes round again
and we hide our faces