i walked along the dusty road tears wiping the dirt off of my face, my stomach growling and my boots thudding in the dust. A desolate, unforgiving, waste land surounded me. The husks of of old burnt cars and tall half burnt lifeless trees and the occasional dead body human or animal mostly human.bullet casings sprinkeled the roadway like candy wrappers after halloween.no life ,no birds singing, no people milling around,no barking dogs it reminds me of home.only me and hunger who stalks me at the moment,waiting for me to make a small mistake the moment i let down my guard .i searched the cars, nothing more than burnt husks and melted  plastic.

 suddenly a gunshot broke the silence,i dropped to the ground waiting for the wound to take it's toll as hunger closed in for the kill. it was followed by another and another.the distinct sound of a rocket echoing off the landscape told me that, i would not die here, maybe i would live. hunger slinked back into the shadows,disapponted. i lie there hoping for it to end gunshots and grenades with the screams of the dieing and wounded told me that they were at it agin ghosts of the past roaming with out pourpose those souls who resisted death, and heaven, to live down here forsaken in this living hell. pain beyond imagination, the fallout killed the plants and most of the small animals humans killed off their own for what little food was left.today your friend would fight beside you, in the morow he would fight you for the last can of baked beans.

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